Chicken Mystery Solved!

June 5, 2017

Eggs in my planter?!

When you have free range chickens, you'll occasionally find a couple eggs here and there around the property.  But, when I found multiple

eggs in the planter on my deck, it prompted me to do some more investigating.


You may remember from my first blog post that I was woken up by a loud chicken squawking.  Peter came home and he did check the coop for snakes or other critters.  On his initial inspection, he found nothing.  Fine, okay.


Days later, I found these eggs in the planter and noticed our chickens roosting on our deck at night.  Those poor girls didn't want to go in their coop.


We did another sweep, a bit more thorough this time, and found this.

Needless to say, we took care of this wasp's nest, cleaned the coop for good measure and the girls are all happy now.  So if you own chickens, be watchful for wasp's nests.  They are stealth disrupters to happy chicken living.




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