Chickens and Yoga

May 29, 2017


I woke up this morning at 5:30 am to one of my chickens squawking what sounded like a death cry or perhaps it was a completely different bird in my coop.  I threw on some shorts, turned on my dim iPhone flashlight, brought my dog posse with me and went to investigate.  Two of my Ninas (we have three chickens and all of their names are Nina, talk to Peter about it) were down below and the other Nina, top queen of the pecking order, was scrambling around up there.  Too terrified to squeeze in between our fence and the coop hatch, I waited it out.  What if there were a gigantic snake or rabid raccoon in there?  In the light of day, she eventually made it down below and scratched and pecked as if nothing ever happened.  Was she just laying a massive egg or was there really a creature in there?  I guess I won't know until Peter comes home today.  I'll have him check.  Chickens are all safe and roaming around.


Back to Yoga.  Unfortunately, this scramble placed a wrench in my morning Yoga practice.  I usually like to practice as soon as I get up.  In a discombobulated sleepwalk, I make my way to my Yoga mat where I wake up.  I've learned something this week.  What works best for me is practicing first thing in the morning.  It really is such a wonderful way to start your day.  Try it.  Message me if you're in need of some assistance in setting up your morning Yoga practice.  Start with 10 minutes or even 20.  Just a small slice of your day can make a huge difference.





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